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Self-Closing Valves

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Gade™ Heavy-Duty Self-Closing Lever Valves

Quick acting self-closing valve prevents accidental spillage if valve is left unattended. Spring action is faster than either ball or butterfly valves. Available in either bronze or 316 stainless steel in angle body or globe body. Immediate delivery in sizes from 1/2” to 3” NPT.

Standard bronze valves has solid bronze body and brass internal parts, steel lever arm, neoprene disc for service under 180°. Hot water service is supplied with Teflon™ cups and disc. Standard stainless steel valve has solid type 316 stainless steel body and internal parts, stainless lever arm, Teflon™ cup and disc suitable for hot water and petroleum service.

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item-1726 1/2 in Bronze SCB-50
item-1727 3/4 in Bronze SCB-75
item-1728 1 in Bronze SCB-100
item-1729 1 1/4 in Bronze SCB-125
item-1730 1 1/2 in Bronze SCB-150
item-1731 2 in Bronze SCB-200
item-1732 3 in Bronze SCB-300
item-1733 1/2 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-50
item-1734 3/4 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-75
item-1735 1 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-100
item-1736 1 1/4 in 316 Stainless Steel N/A INSS
item-1737 1 1/2 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-150
item-1738 2 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-200
item-1739 3 in 316 Stainless Steel SCSS-300
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1 
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